Urethane - Fypon

Over 130 designs of Fypon Urethane Brackets.

Wood Brackets

Beautiful wood products that can match any historic or contemporary design.

Exceeds or equal to specifications by AWI, NHLA, KCMA, and the Hardwood Council.

The beauty and quality can withstand the test of time. 

Type 1 waterproof glue used on all brackets.

29 designs that can match any historic or contemporary design.

Rustic Wood

Our Rustic Brackets are not kiln dried and therefore each bracket will be 100% unique with the natural variations that wood offers. 

They will have unique colors, grains, textures, knots, sapwood and heartwood with possible sap bleeding checks, splits and cracks.

Rustic parts are Special Order

39 Designs to choose from. Rough sawn or smooth Fir or Cedar.

Urethane - HBG

HB&G polyurethane brackets provide an inexpensive and low maintenance way to dress up your home’s front porch.

Choose from a wide variety of styles.

Brackets can be used with either PermaPost styles or wood porch posts.

Enjoy a low maintenance way to add style and decor to your front porch.

Certain style brackets have complementary centerpieces to truly complete your front porch design.

25 Designs of HB&G Urethane Brackets

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