PermaCast® Columns

PermaCast® columns are cast from a proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer composite with exceptional strength-to-weight characteristics and requiring minimum maintenance. They are weatherproof, insect proof, and highly durable.

Aluminum Columns

Aluminum columns are load bearing and decorative. Available in white, almond, sandstone and primed. Columns incuded fluted square, recessed square and plain square.

PermaWrap® Columns

PermaWrap® columns are made from cellular PVC and offer the advantages of being moisture and insect proof as well as the thickness, ease of use and workabiity of wood.

Wood Columns

Paint Grade round wood coumns are tapered and load-bearing.
 Architectural Stain Grade are non-load bearing (option for load-bearing) and available in most hardwood and softwood species.
 Mantle Columns
Columns & Posts.

PermaLite® Columns

PermaLite® square coumns are the latest edition to the HB&G synthetic column family. New PermaLite columns are cost effective, load bearing, weather and insect proof, and require very litte maintenance.

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