Barn Door

Interior & Exterior Designs

Clavos, Speakeasy

Clavos: Round, Square and Pyramid. Speakeasy components

Door Stops

Wall Bumpers, Spring Stops, Floor Stops, Solid Door Stops, Door Holders, and Hinge Pin Stops


Interior & Exterior

Window Hardware

Double-Hung, Casement & Transom.

Bifold and MultiFold

Folding Hardware, Kits, and Parts


Door Closers – Storm, Screen and Light & Medium Duty Door Closers.

Stair Hardware

Brackets, Newel Plates and more.

Door Bolts

Flush, Dutch Door and Surface Bolts


Commercial and Residential

Roller & Ball Catches

Door Catches including Roller, Ball, Drive-In Ball Cathes

Screen, Storm & Gate

Locks, closers, hinges

Strikes, Filler Plates, Reinforcers

Door Filler Plates, Reinforcers, Protectors

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